The first race back after the indulgent Christmas and New Year break is always a tough one. Which was made worse by strong winds and strong riders!

A contingent of 5 TCC riders: Alex and James (Cat 2) and Darren, Neil and myself (Cat 3) lined up together on the start line with the hope of getting the win for Alex. However, my contribution was minimal as my form was not good enough. I positioned myself in the top 20 riders for the first 20 minutes and chased onto a couple of breakaways, but I exploded under the effort and almost found myself off the back within 10 seconds! The tactic from then on was to hold position and see how the race panned out.

The guys did a great job of getting Alex in the winning break and he got 2nd overall in the end. The chase for the remaining points was messy and often dangerous as yet again riders were cutting across wheels, causing crashes and even riding on the grass to gain places.

I knew my sprint speed today wasn’t great so I took a back seat in Brian Bends and gave an effort in the last couple of hundred metres to finish mid-pack. An unremarkable, but form-building race.



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