I was looking forward to my first Club Championships, but with a field including Cat 2s, 3s, 4s, Vets, Women & Juniors I was unsure how it would pan out. Would the faster guys blast off from the gun? Would it split in the strong winds?

Straight after a neutralized lap the pace rose dramatically with a few digs off the front. Interestingly some of the stronger guys were holding back but I was determined to keep position in the top 10 in case a break developed.

After chasing across to a number of breaks where the wind then put an end them along the home straight, I decided to drop back a few places and conserve energy. However, that defensive move proved to be a mistake as I got boxed in when the decisive break went clear.

After chasing hard and riding off the front I was joined by 3 others but we were unable to make the juncture. With only a few laps remaining it was time to hold position in the chasing bunch ready for the sprint for 6th place.

Racing clockwise for the first time meant I was a little unsure of when to make the move but I managed to come up the outside and get 3rd in the bunch sprint, securely a respectable 8th overall.

It was a fantastic, competitive and safe race with lessons learnt on retaining position and reading races.

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