West Drayton MBC


My race tactics are usually notoriously bad. Patience is not my virtue!

Having grown up watching John Tomac do his ‘Tomac Attack’ (basically attacking like crazy so that nobody could follow him – and then hoping that he hangs on until the finish!) I tend to enjoy the thrill of race and eagerness gets the better of me.

However, this race I had a tactic and was determined to stick to it.

MTB races usually start at maximum acceleration for best placement into the first singletrack section so my aim was to allow a handful of riders go ahead and try and pick them off as the race progressed.

I counted 10 riders and slowly pulled them back over the laps. My lack of red-lining at the start had left me with enough  energy to do progressively faster laps.

I caught the last rider with 1 lap to go and held on to the finish.

A very rewarding race ¬†– I hope it’s repeatable!


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